Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Create a Circle Rounded Panel Controls

rounded panel Form Controls VB net CSharp
When we Draw to a Graphics object we can set AntiAlias so as to make the edges of complex shapes look smooth. This is done by altering the color of some of the pixels on and around the edge so that the jagged edges appear smooth.
When we create a region from a complex shape though, the recoloured pixels outside of the region are lost and as there is no way to trim the edges of the pixels (they are always square) our regions appear jagged. A simple solution to this is to put a pseudo transparent 1 pixel border around the control when shaping it. I doubt very much that you will notice this border, but it will greatly improve the appearance of the edges of your shaped control.
Because the Control in this example has rounded edges, it is not suitable for the AutoScrol property as the ScrollBars will be Clipped. For this reason the Control Inherits from Control and because we want to use it as a Container we have assigned the ParentControlDesigner to the Class.

VB net Sample:

CSharp Sample:

by: Mick Dohertys'


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