Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tab control using custom Tabpages

Vb net Csharp Tabcontrol Custom Tabpages

This was one of the first projects I tackled in dotnet. The object was to have the tabpages support WindowsXP Visual Style. Adding visual style to an inherited TabPage was simple and after a few attempts I got the TabControl to accept the custom Tabpages via the Collection Editor.

Well since then I have learned a lot and I decided that I would rewrite the control. My goal this time was to get the DesignerVerbs to add the customised Tabpages as well as add an Insert verb. This turned out to be quite a challenge, since the TabControl Designer would not detect mouse clicks on any part of the control that was not a TabPage or TabItem. When I finally found the solution to this problem, as is usually the case, it was very simple to overcome. While I was at it I added an OnselectedIndexChanging event so that Tabpage changes may be cancelled, and a HotTab variable so you can check which tabitem the cursor is currently over. It would have been nice to add Mnemonic support, but that would involve taking full responsibility for painting the TabControl. If I'm going to do this then I may as well write the control from scratch.
The Source Code available both in VB net and CSharp, you can try this:

VB net Sample:

Csharp Sample:


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