Friday, July 22, 2011

Create Menu Bar Like Office style Menu

Create Menu Bar Like Office style Menu
A complete ownerdraw menu class with RightToLeft support.
Add this class to your project and after designing the layout of your standard menu, use search and replace to replace 'System.Windows.Forms.MenuItem' with 'MenuItemEx'. You will then be able to assign colors and icons to each menu item in the project. Use this class for MDI projects or download the MenuSkinner component in the Controls section. The MenuSkinner is much simpler to use but there is a problem with Menus that unMerge which I have yet to find a solution for.

VB net Sample:

CSharp Sample:

by: Mick Dohertys'


Anonymous said...

in a form can you please post a sampledemo in vb net thanks.

Anonymous said...

problem to use class in a form when you replace by menuitem....?????

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